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I Have A Dream

Posted by Kathy Dee Zasloff on July 14, 2008

Well actually I have a lot of dreams…and these are my dreams for getting us beyond gluten free….

I dream that:

  • People will talk about grains as what they are: abundant grains and not what they are not: gluten free
  • One day in the not too distant future I will open cooking magazines and there will be delicious recipes that use abundant grains
  • It will be as important to be gluten intolerant as to test positive for celiac disease
  • My friends will understand how important it is for all of us to eat abundant grains rather that gluten based grains
  • There will be abundant grain breads in restaurants and I won’t have to take my bread every where so I can have sandwiches like everyone else
  • Culinary schools will have accurate information on the use of abundant grains and their importance
  • There will be delicious and reasonably priced abundant grain products in mainstream groceries
  • Wait-staff will know what I mean when I say I am gluten intolerant
  • People and professionals will know that abundant grains are healthier
  • There will be accurate, reasonably priced and common place testing for gluten intolerance as well as celiac disease
  • Abundant grains will be a mainstay and not “alternative” or “exotic” grains


One Response to “I Have A Dream”

  1. I want to send you a hearty, abundant HALLELUJAH on this dream. It doesn’t matter if we have celiac disease, or are gluten intolerant. It just matters that we are all bound together in (at this point) having to take our own bread to a restaurant in order to get a sandwich.

    Having a hamburger wrapped in lettuce does not a sandwich make.


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